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Animal shelter Arlon (B)

Blauwe Kruis Brugge (B)

Help Animals Brussel - cats (B)

Animal shelter Gent (B)

Dog Brigade of the Police in Brussels (B)

Animal shelter in Arlon (B)

Animal shelter Sint-Truiden (B)

Football storage

Animal shelter in Liège (B)

Animal Hotel 't Haegeland - De Pinte (B)

PVC kennel in Tessenderlo (B)

PVC kennel in Westerlo (B)

Animal Hotel "Woozi" in Opoeteren (B)

Animal Shelter Lommel (B)

De Molshoop (NL)

Pension "5 Stern" Switserland

Veterany surgeon's practice in Halen (B)

Animal Health Care Departement of the Gent University (B)

Animal hotel Aurago in Zoutleeuw (B)

Animal Shelter"Ganzenweide" in Veurne (B)

Kennels "Boelehoef" in Neerpelt (B)

Dierenwereldkruis in Sint-Amands (B)

Kennels at Paesen (B)

Animal hotel De Deugniet in Herselt (B)

Robbe in Blankenberge (B)

Animal hotel One Tou Tou in Grâce-Hollogne (B)

Animal hotel in Bissegem (B)

Animal Hotel A2 Culemborg (NL) - section for cats

Animal Hotel A2 Culemborg (NL) - section for cats

Police Ostend

Playgrounds at kennel 't Haegeland in De Pinte (B)

Dog and cat shelter in Liège

Setting up a kennel in 3 pieces

Kennels in Sweden
Kennel Kerala Farm te Vlamertinge (B)    
Kennel in the UK in plastic
Animal shelter Animal Trust in Melle (B) Outside run for cats
Boarding house in Beringen (B)
Boarding house in
Varese (I)
Animal shelter in
Antwerpen (B)
Animal shelter
in Kontich (B)
Shelter for monkeys
in Brussels (B)
Outside run for cats
 in Brussels (B)
Boarding house
in Volkel (NL)
Animal house
in Sint-Truiden (B)